It's no secret that Americans are eating healthier these days. Cardiologists, dieticians and nutritionists overwhelmingly recommend a low-fat diet to maintain excellent health and longevity.

Elk is a red meat which looks a lot like beef but is not marbled like other red meats. Therefore when preparing elk, there is significantly less shrinkage. Because of the lower fat content, a higher percentage of protein and nutrients are present in the meat. The extra protein found in elk meat tends to satisfy the appetite more quickly. These qualities make elk meat a great value and a fantastic heart-healthy alternative to other red meats.

Elk is the heart healthy meat.

Lower in fat than pork, chicken and beef.

Featured in many of the finer restaurants around the country.

Elk is a dark red meat which can be substituted in any conventional recipe.

The low fat content of elk meat causes the meat to cook more quickly than other commercially available meats.

Prime cuts of elk are best cooked medium to medium rare.

Elk is a Zero-Carb alternative for diet conscience dinners on the Atkins Diet.

Satisfies the appetite more quickly due to the extra protein.

Excellent robust flavor without the game taste.

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